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A Little About the Curriculum

Originality ~

Most of the activities in the kits are original ideas.  Some of the activities are newly adapted
versions of some all time children's favorites. 

Most songs are original and set to the music of popular children's songs.  Almost all come with simple hand, finger, and body movements you can use to enhance the experience.

Careful planning, creative thinking, and years of experience working with children come together to design activities that help eliminate boredom all while promoting learning.  

Crafts ~

Art and craft projects are created from a variety of colorful and fun materials such as construction paper, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, glitter, Styrofoam balls and cups, paper plates, colored noodles and rice, and so much more. 

Since children love and need to express their own special level of creativity, most art & craft activities are designed to be open ended so there are fewer that result in a "cookie cutter" look allowing each child to add their own special touches. Your children are sure to enjoy creating these wonderful handmade projects

Variety ~

Kits include art & craft projects; songs & finger plays; science, cooking, & math: suggested stories & books; group activities; coloring pages; worksheets and booklets, special holidays, and more.

And, with an average of 65-90 activities per month (depending on kit style ordered), you can do at least 3-5 each day.  Even more if you reuse the games, stories, and songs.

Who Uses the Curriculum? ~

~ Childcare Centers
~ Preschool Programs
~ Home
~ Parents

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