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Customer Reviews

"I run a very busy home childcare. I LOVE Chubbie Cubbies because all I have to do is open the package and everything is ready to go! I love the variety and different themes! It is a wonderful addition to my program!"
~ Jodi, MN

"The children have really enjoyed your curriculum and I can tell by the parents' faces that they appreciate it as well. Using your kits saves me so much time. I can actually relax during the children's nap time now!"
~ Debbie, GA

"I love the curriculum! It keeps me motivated. I can plan ahead or if I forgot to plan I can grab an extra craft to enjoy!"
~ Dorothy, WA

"Thank you for all your hard work into putting the kits together every month. I have tried other programs in the past and I really like yours the best!"
~ Julie, CA

"I love it all... it makes life with ten kids easy.... thank you for everything...."
~ Donna, MO

"I am a first time subscriber. The parents, my teacher, and the children love Country Bears. It is easy, creative, and gives lots of information and ideas. I have used other lesson plans and I find this to be the best."
~ Andrea, CA

"This curriculum kit system is complete and well thought. Attention to detail is exceptional. Everything I need to entertain and educate all the kids.  It is like having a personal assistant doing all the work for you. Thank you!"
~ Jennifer, FL

"When I first started looking for something online that would help me get my daughter started, I thought of all the resources I used when I worked in daycare, and when I came across Chubbie Cubbie it had everything I could want, and somebody gets all of it together for me. I really don't have the time to do it so it is worth every penny! We started out with a sample kit and she loved it at 16 months she is really ahead for her age. I thought about waiting but decided that during summer it would just give us stuff to do and she has already picked up so much just from the My Favorite Toy- June Kit. I tell everyone about Chubbie Cubbie. I'm so thankful for this program. Thank you Julie and her helpers."
~ Amanda & Cailyn, TX

"After having to remove my Pre-K son from preschool for problems with a teacher, I stumbled across Chubbie's website. We are extremely pleased with the products we received and my son is having a great time learning what's necessary for school with the great projects we've received. I HIGHLY recommend these packages to anyone who really wants to help their children."
~ Melissa, NY

"I love the curriculum because it is easy for a small in home daycare with mixed ages to have a nice curriculum but still include all the age groups."
~ Amanda, AR

"Thank you so much Julie!!  We love your kits.  My oldest has learned more at home in the past two months than the year at the daycare.  Thank you again."
~ Lesley, CT

"I am so impressed with your curriculum!  The organization makes it easy to use and my kids love it.  Even my 20 month old is participating.  Thanks!"
~ Kristal, CA

"I just took some time off from providing home childcare.  I had used Chubbie Cubbie's Curriculum for 2 years prior to this.  Well, I decided that this time, I would plan the curriculum for my childcare by myself.  I spent hours today and yesterday trying to find all of the things that I needed for a substantial curriculum.  I only have 3 days worth of information.  This is crazy.  I am going back to Chubbie Cubbie's Curriculum.  It saves me soooo much time.  Plus it gives me everything that I need so that I know that my kids will be ready for kindergarten.  I'm so glad that I have Chubbie Cubbies Curriculum!!  I love the themes.  I love the suggested books.  I love everything about it."
~ Melissa F., OH

"I teach toddlers -- I am thrilled to find your materials AND your modular packaging that allows me to meet the changing needs of my class. Thank you!"
~ Marcia, IA

"This is a wonderful tool for home daycare providers who do not have the time and energy to go to the teacher store and it is inexpensive as well."
~ Karen, IL

"I love this company!  I started it with my 18 month old about a year ago.  I felt she wasn't quite old enough to get it at that age, so I stopped for a while, but now at 2 1/2 years old and with an older school aged sister, she has been asking for "homework"!  So, I figured it would be a great time to start it up again!  Thank you for supplying such wonderful, fun stuff for our kids!  God Bless!"
~ C.S., TX

"I am very pleased with the preschool program!  My daycare parents love to see their child/ren bring home things that they have done. I have really enjoyed this program it is so easy to follow and saves me a lot of time! :)  Just wanted to say thank you and you have a wonderful program!"
~ Julie, CA

"You provide wonderful and exciting things for the children to do.  This is the most affordable and best option I have found to use with my daycare and would highly recommend it to any others looking for a company to help save time and money.  Julie is wonderful to work with and gives you personal attention as though you are a good friend - this is so nice to have that personal attention from a business these days.  My hat goes off to this company - they make things so easy for me with my daycare and the children love the things every month they get to look forward to and the parents enjoy seeing what their children are learning."
~ Angel, PA

"Outstanding materials!"
~ Mary, NY

"You have a fantastic program! It's very easy to read and follow and very affordable for me to use.  I couldn't believe the ideas you came up with and it made me started to think of ways I could use this program with my ideas incorporated.   I really like it because its a open-ended program and it gets my creative juices flowing."
~ Tanya, CO

"Thank you for supplying my daycare with such top notch curriculum."
~ Melissa, MD

"I'm so glad that I found your website & I look forward to having a great relationship with your company!  I think your monthly parent newsletter is wonderful as is the blank calendar so that we can schedule the activities as we want them!  All your info is easy to read & very professional!  Thanks so much for all you support & kindness.  I feel like your an old friend already (hug)!"
~ Stacy, CA

"I am at home with my two year old son and was wanting to find something that he would enjoy doing but would also educate him.  I have found that with the Cubbie's Curriculum.  I am so excited about this!  My son completed his first project this morning and really enjoyed it. I am so impressed with your products. Thank you!"
~ Lea Anne, TX

"I had been ordering kits like this from 3 other companies over the last three years, until I discovered yours!  I just received my first kit today and we did 2 things today.  Both my sons LOVED them.  I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciate how organized your kits are!"
~ Gwen, MI

"I just got my Country Bears curriculum kit in the mail today.  I just had to tell you how impressed I am with it.  This is going to be such great learning fun for my daycare kids...and will make my job so much easier!  You have a customer for as long as I'm in business!"
~ Sophia, NY

"I love the kits, my parents love the kits, and most of all, the kids LOVE learning new things each week and the kits provide just that."
~ Elizabeth, TN

"We have just ordered our second kit from Julie and my kids can't wait to get it in the mail.  They have loved doing the projects.  As a stay at home mom, who used to work in child care, it makes our day more structured and my children are learning just as much as in child care, if not more.  Also, Julie's personal attention and excellent service are wonderful.  Kudos to her for creating such a great program for young children."
~ Heather, AL

"I have just received my second kit and I am so excited!  I love the kits and they are great for the kids.  The prices are just right for my small group and I would recommend Chubbie Cubbie's to any home care provider.  I just love Chubbie Cubbie's and I'm glad I found them!"
~ Kaci, TX

"I've been so happy with my kits.  It's obvious that you put an enormous amount of time into getting it all put together.  The personal service is lovely, too.  I don't feel like just a name in a data base.  THANK YOU!"
~ Chris, CA

"I have found Julie to be very accommodating and flexible.  She is very willing to go the "extra mile" to make sure you are happy with your order!  I  have found her to be extremely conscientious about my order and makes sure I've received it within a timely manner!!  Thanks Julie!!"
~ Shannon, Canada

"I teach a four day a week program and use Chubbie Cubbie Curriculum to help round out my activities. I have tried a few other curriculums and yours is definitely easier to use and I like the fact that all the art activities aren't going to produce 'cookie cutter' results.  The children are all excited to see the "Bear Box" in the mail!"
~ Patricia, AZ

"As a family daycare provider, I was looking for a concise, easy to use packaged curriculum that would let me spend time with both my daycare kids and my own family, not planning activities. This is it!!  I can just pull out the folder each morning, get out the materials that I need, and head into my day.  I LOVE this program, and would recommend it to any provider looking for a reasonably priced, complete curriculum."
~ Lisa, NY

"Your kits seem to be more customizable than anything else on the market these days."
~ Lisa, FL

"Very creative and well organized."
~ Lynne, OH

"The projects are great!"
~ Jenise, ID

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