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Shipped orders are removed from this page two weeks after the estimated delivery date.

Check the Status of Your Order

On this page you can check the status of your order.  All orders are found here (full size kits, sample kits, and supply closet orders).  Just look for your order number or Preferred Customer ID below.  

Lost your order number?   That's ok...just email customer support and it will be sent to you.

Preferred ID Status Est. Ship Date* Est. Arrival Date**
JH-003 No Summer    
KB-001 No Summer    
MM-001 Processing 05-21-19  
RD-001 No Summer    
Order #      
1805-001 SHIPPED 05-18-19  

*  Shipping dates are based upon when the order was placed, payment was received, order size, and other factors.  The date may change without notice.
** Arrival dates are provided by the USPS.  Both shipping and arrival dates are not guaranteed.

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