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Samples ~  

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Sample Crafts

Rainbow Egg

Flower Collage

Circle Penguin

Example of how the instructions are set up in the kits.

Cotton Ball Snowball ~
Make a big, puffy snowball.
Supplies ~
Cotton balls
Paper plate
2" Styrofoam ball
White glue

Precuts or Ready to Cuts ~

Copies ~

Preparation ~
Put some glue onto a paper plate.

Carrying out the Activity ~

All Ages

Have the children dip a cotton ball into some glue and then stick it to the Styrofoam ball.  Continue this process until the Styrofoam ball is covered with the cotton balls.

Sample Song

Down by the Bus Stop ~
Similar to the tune of "Down by the Station".

Down by the bus stop
Early in the morning
See the yellow school bus
Coming down the road

Hear the horn go beep, beep, beep
We're ready with out happy feet.

Beep, beep, beep...happy feet
Beep, beep, beep...happy feet

Off     We      Go!

Rub eyes for early in the morning.

Hold cupped hand over eyes to “see the school bus”.

Push hand out to represent beeping a horn, tap or stamp feet for happy feet.

Repeat the beeping and happy feet movements above.

March in place.

Sample Worksheets & Coloring Pages
(pre-k worksheets are a dotted-line tracing style, however, they may appear as sold line letter/number due to the font used)

Toddler/Pre-K Letter Worksheet - Click Here
Toddler Letter Worksheet
- Click Here

Pre-K Letter Worksheet - Click Here
Toddler Number Worksheet - Click Here
Pre-K Number Worksheet -
Click Here

Coloring Page - Click Here

You'll need Adobe Reader to view  the worksheets.  Don't have it? 
Click the picture below to get it free.

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